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LM-001 "Bullet Light" LED Battery-operated

LM-001 "Bullet Light" LED Battery-operated

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The manual Here

Product Features

-Texture unique to steel
Uses beautiful glossy and luxurious steel material. Not plastic. It suits the city bike, mini -velo, cruiser, and 
randonner of chromoly frame.

-3 modes: high <low < flashing
The black button at the top of the main unit is the switch. Up to 150 lumen LED light illuminates the night road and supports safe driving at night.

-Easy installation
Stay and nut are included. It can be attached to the top of the brake. Attached stay SS-01 is made of strong stainless steel. If there is a front basket, installation may be required separately for installation.

-Use 4 AA batteries
It is a battery type, not a rechargeable type. Battery is not included. The size is 6.65cm in diameter x 10.5cm in depth.

Development story

 Image of use






Q & A

Q. How do you install it?
A. Please refer to this manual.

Q. Please tell me the accessories
A. Installation stay (SS-01), bolts and nuts are included.

Q. How do you replace the battery?
A. Please refer to here

Q. What kind of model do brackets support?
A. If there is a pedestal for caliper brake on the front fork, it can be installed. For other models, it depends on the shape.

Q. Is it possible to attach it to the previous basket?
A. Whether it can be installed depends on the type of the previous basket and the vehicle type of the bicycle. Additional parts may be required. Alternatively, please consult the nearest Kiley dealer.

Q. Is it completely waterproof?
A. Unfortunately, it is not completely waterproof, so it will last a long time by refraining from use in the case of heavy rain.

Q. Is it possible to attach it to Brompton?
A. Yes, if you can use an separately sold stay (SS-03), you can attach it.

Q. Would you like to interfere with Brompton's front bag?
A. No, if you can use an separately sold stay (SS-03), the light and the bag will not interfere. Please refer to the photo.

Q. Is there a instruction manual?
A. Yes, we have prepared. You can check online.

Q. Do you rust?
A. To give a texture, the material uses steel. Therefore, it rusts when it rains. It will last a long time if you can lightly wipe off the moisture of the body adhesion after the use of rain, not to rain outdoors.

Q. Do you have a yellow light pattern?
A. Unfortunately, only LED white lights are developed. Initially, we considered yellow lights, but in that case, the brightness will inevitably fall, so we use a white light in consideration of the balance with practicality.

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