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LM-018 "Bullet Light" (USB Rechargeable) Front light

LM-018 "Bullet Light" (USB Rechargeable) Front light

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  • Developmental background

KILEY is a cycle accessory brand from Taiwan. Since its founding in 2013, we are centrally developing a classic design of automatic vehicles. While promoting sales for a long year, from many users

"Is there no rechargeable bullet light?"
"I want a brighter shell light"

I had a voice such as. KILEY has developed shell light LM-001 from 2013, but from the time of development, the automatic car lights were the mainstream from the dry cell type. A few years ago, a global pandemic occurred at the timing of deciding on the development of rechargeable shell lights. It was finally affected by the development of the factory's operation and the procurement of raw materials, and it was finally completed.

  • If you want to recommend

· USB rechargeable shell lights, I want a bright shell light ,
· You are using a light of a scraping age ,
· Only look, the design of the design is already disgusting ,
· I want to use a cool light that does not suffer from anyone ,
However, I do not want to give up practicality ,

  • Product Features

1 Classic-Perfect for modern style. KILEY like characteristic design

The shell light is a unusual existence while many of the self-car lights are "brighter and more compact". The shell light was the standard for the automatic car lighthes, before a few more years ago. Nevertheless, the shaping that makes you feel nostalgies, including young people, has attracted many ways.
This new and old fused design is not limited to classic style bicycles, but from modern cromoric frames, it matches a lot of cars from a crossbike. It is the existence that can take a custom leading role of the love.

2 Most 250 lumens, lighting continuous 8 hours or more available. Necessary species species.


The most characteristic of KILEY light is that design, Tsutomaru, the point we saw. However, rather than "ornament", it is a role of KILEY, as long as it is a write-for-vehicle light. Therefore, we included the specifications required for your daily ride scene.

3 USB rechargeable that is easy to remove the battery.


Corresponding to USB rechargeable while classic design. The battery can be removed with the body side by changing the front. This allows the body to remove and charge the battery part as needed while the body is fixed to the automobile body.

  • Comment from manufacturer personnel

KILEY representative and designer "Louis"
Currently on sale A LM-001 is a product developed for the first time as KILEY in 2013. This product has been accepted very many people. On the other hand, in addition to the voices seeking USB rechargeable light, there were also voices that some people are too big. Those voices are reflected in the goods, too large, not too small, and finished in a sense of size.


Because the body was scraped out of the aluminum alloy mass, the original prototype was a problem that the weight is increased. Therefore, the appearance was reduced by about 110 g and general light weight by significantly removing the appearance as it is.

In addition, this light is a motif of not only the shell type but also horseshoe. Horseshoe is believed in the world as a lucky item for traveler, or as a lucky item of traffic safety. Horseshoe-boosted designs are meaningful to wish for safety in the ride of cyclist.



  • Product Summary

Size: 41mm * 76mm
· Weight: 110g
· Maximum light quantity: 250 lm
· Function: strong → medium → weak → blink
· Usage time
Strong (250 lm): about 5 hours
Medium (150 lm): about 7 hours
Weak (50 lm): about 8.5 hours
Flashing: about 16 hours
· Charge time: about 3.5 hours
· Waterproof performance: IPX3 equivalent
· Battery method: USB rechargeable (* magnet USB charging)
* Use time, light amount fluctuates depending on the charging time and the usage environment.
Accessories: USB charging cable, mounting stay (BR-01), bolt, nut
· Sales price: 9,900 yen (tax included)
· Sales start time: Scheduled of May 2022 (* It will be back and forth by production status)

  • KILEY Front Light Comparison

  • Usage image



  • Production process

 CNC lathe is cut out of one aluminum alloy mass.



← Pre-processing before processing →

After this, it will be divided into multiple processes and will be scraped out.

  • Q & A

Q. What kind of bicycle do you match?
A. Match various bicycles depending on your idea. The KILEY lights are compatible with a bicycle that feels vintage, such as Landner and Sportif, and cross bikes that have vintage, and crosvikes, mini bellows, etc. There are also many Brompton users. Of course, you can enjoy neoclassic customs together with contemporary frames.

Q. How do I install?
A. Please refer to this manual.

Q. Is there a color variation?
A. At the moment, it is a deployment of only silver.

Q. What kind of car kacks correspond to the model?
A. If the front fork is a caliper brake pedestal, it can be installed. Other models will be depending on the shape.

Q. Is it completely waterproof?
A. Unfortunately it is not completely waterproof. It is designed to be equivalent to IPX3.

Q. Please tell me how to charge
A. You can turn the lens and battery part by turning the main unit. Charge with the included magnet USB charging cable


Q. Is it possible to attach to Brompton?
Yes, it can be installed if you can use the optional stay (SS-03).

Q. Want to interfere with the Front Bag of BROMPTON?
A. No, if you are using the optional stay (SS-03), the light and the bag will not interfere. Please refer to the picture.

Q. Please tell me the accessories
A. USB cable, mounting stay (SS-01), bolts, and nuts are included.

(※ There is also an image image using a partial butterfly nut, but a general bolt and nut are included.)

Q. Is there an instruction manual?
A. Yes, we are preparing. You can check online online.

Q. What if you lose your cable?
A.USB Cable alone also sells. It is scheduled to arrive sequentially.

Q. Do you rust?
A. The material is used for aluminum alloy, so it is difficult to rust, but it does not mean that it does not rust at all. Do not rain outdoors, and after the rain heaven, you will last long

Q. Is there a yellow light pattern?
A. Unfortunately, it is a development of only LED white lights. Of course, yellow lights also examined, in that case, because brightness falls, the balance with practicality is also considered, and white light is adopted

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