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SR-01 "DORIC" Cycling Stainless Steel Bottle

SR-01 "DORIC" Cycling Stainless Steel Bottle

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Development Story

Whether you are riding hard on a road bike or leisurely pottering around, it is essential to stay hydrated when cycling. A simple plastic bottle is fine, but you want to make sure you have the right bottle for your bike. However, it is difficult to find a bicycle bottle with a satisfactory design. We know there are retro bottles, but they are not very practical. On the other hand, outdoor-use bottles don't fit on our bicycle.

We had the same idea and decided to develop a new bottle. After repeated minor modifications to the sample, we finally completed the product, although it took about a year longer than originally planned.

Recommended for

  • Looking for a silver bicycle bottle
  • Looking for a bottle that suits a classic style
  • I'm looking for a bottle that emphasizes design than a lightweight bottle
  • However, I want practicality for cycling applications
  • I want to enjoy coffee ride easily
  • Should be used not only in the cycling scene, but also in daily life and outdoors.
  • I like a design that can be carried in everyday use without discomfort.

DORIC features

1, Timeless design that matches KiLEY's lights

When it comes to silver bottles, there is no choice in these days, but it is not good to use a bottle that is not for cycling. If you are looking for speed and lightness, a cycling plastic bottle is the best, but it will break the mood of unity of the custom. Because KiLEY's values ​​the texture of metal, we were conscious of the design that enhances the quality of the custom.

2, Both cold and hot drinks are supported. Can be carried all year round.

 Of course, not only design but also practicality. It is a bottle cage compatible design, it will be perfect fit. We want to enjoy a drink that has been cold in midsummer and winter coffee rides, and keeps cooling and heating is essential. You can enjoy the shift of the four seasons together.

Opening that is easy to put in ice.

Simple parts configuration that is easy to clean

3, Active in everyday life. Bottle that blends into a lifestyle

 No matter how much you like bicycles, spend more time off the bike than on it. We want you to be a bottle that is familiar to everyday life. He / she plays an active part in a wide range of scenes, from everyday carrying to offices and outdoors.


Image of use

Road bike



Even outdoors


Product Summary

* Quick manual is Here

Designer's Comment

The name of the "DORIC" bottle comes from the design of ancient Greek architecture. DORIC is one of the columns often seen in ancient Greek, and is also called the Doric -type circular pillar. As the Athens's Parthenon, which was built more than 2000 years ago, is still supported by the Doric columns, it is characterized by a simple structure, a strong support.

This stainless steel bottle also expresses a sculpture -like three -dimensional and power while leaving a matte texture of metal. like a Doric columns that continues to support the temple without wearing a gorgeous decoration, "DORIC" is simple, but it is a pillar that supports users' cycle life and lifestyle for a long time.

Production Process

Press the stainless steel cylinder

Cut a pressed bottle

Molding of bottle top

 Grilled to improve strength


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Q & A

Q. Will it fit in all bottle cages?
A. It is designed to support a general bottled cage, but in the case of a special size bottle cage, the size may not fit.

Q. How weight is it?
A. About 325g.

Q. Is it compatible with dishwasher?
A. Not recommended.

Q. How much is the bottle capacity?

Q. Can I put hot coffee?
A. Yes, possible.

Q. Is it possible to add carbonated water?
A. It does not support carbonated drinks.

Q. Is it not leak?
A. If you tighten the cap firmly, it will not leak.

Q. Can I use bleach?
A. In the case of chlorine bleach, it is not recommended because rust may occur.

Q. What is the material of the bottle?
A. We adopt 18-8 stainless steel (SUS304), which is also used in luxury tableware.

Q. Does it rust?
A. Stainless steel is a material that is resistant to rust, but please note that the following conditions may rust.
・ When salted water is left with adhesion
・ If you leave it in contact with other metals for a long time while being wet in water
・ When chlorine bleach is used

Q. Do you sell silicone rubber for exchanges?
A. We are planning to sell it as repair parts in the future.

Q. If the frame size is small, will it not enter?
A. Depending on the frame shape, it may be possible to put in and out.

Q. Is it safety?
A. We have conducted safety tests based on the Food Sanitation Law at inspection agencies in Japan.

Q. Can I freeze the whole bottle?
A. You can't because of a vacuum bottle.

Q. Can I put it on an open fire?
A. Because it is a vacuum double structure, it cannot be done. Don't put it near the fire, as it is dangerous.

Q. Is the color only silver?
A. Yes, only silver is developed.

 Q. Can it be used for brompton?
A. Yes, it can be used with Brompton using a normal bottle cage or bottle holder. 

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