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SS-03 BROMPTON Center Folk Stay (New Stay)

SS-03 BROMPTON Center Folk Stay (New Stay)

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  • Updated from the conventional standard stay (BR-03). The improvements are as follows.
    ①Inconnection 4.5mm (BR-03 is 3mm)
    ② Chamfer the contact of the light mount
    ③ Adopt stainless steel with higher strength

  • BROMPTON dedicated frontlight stay

  • Reach is longer and curved than normal stay

  • Does not interfere with the front bag or other parts when Brompton is mounted

  • It can be fixed by sandwiching it in the brake

  • Can be used in Bullet light (LM-001), eye light (LM-016), vintage light (V2),Bullet Light (LM-018) etc.. 

  • Includes bolts, nuts, Earl washer, flat washer x 2

* Prices are different between silver and black.

* As the pipe diameter of the stay has become thicker, the range of motion of the light mount has been limited, and the lens tends to be slightly facing down. In that case, use the attached flat washer and adjust as appropriate.

Washer mounting example (flat washer thickness 1mm x 2 sheets)

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