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V2 Vintage Light Rear

V2 Vintage Light Rear

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Product concept
In the last few decades, the number of bicycle models has increased and the functions have improved significantly, but the design of bicycles at that time is no longer valid now.
Similarly, the bicycle lights at that time should seem cool even if we look at them now, but in terms of practicality, there are many people who avoid it from the viewpoint of safety, or because it is just a decoration.

KiLEY designer Louis Thought。
「It is regrettable that the design at that time will be lost, so let's make it ourselves」

Then this old but new vintage light was completed

Those who want to recommend vintage lights

  • I want not only design but also practicality to some extent、、、
  • Anyway, I'm looking for a cool and unique light、、、
  • However, I'm also buying vintage items from now on.、、、
  • Looking for a USB rechargeable, retro atmosphere light、、、
  • Eye light is too small I want more light presence、、、

 ※For MOULTON users
Because the structure of Moulton's front fork suspension and vintage lights are not compatible. For mounting on the front fork Not recommended Please attach to places other than the front fork.

Vintage light product features

  1. Unique KiLEY design
  2. Up to 300 lumens can be used continuously for 10 hours or more Practical sufficient functionality
  3. USB rechargeable, which is rare for vintage design lights
① KiLEY's unique design made by a unique craftsman

Many people think of KiLEY's light as a silver body machined from aluminum with an elegant luster. This vintage light is just one of them.
It is finished in a design that harmonizes old and new while designing to remember some nostalgia.


(2) Up to 300 lumens can be used continuously for 10 hours or more Practical sufficient functionality

Functionality is unavoidable because it is selected by design。。。
Perhaps many people choose the light because of that, and it is true that this vintage light is not as waterproof as the light with the latest functions. Many would have thought that the light should have more brightness and duration.
In that respect, this light also considers the balance. The continuous lighting time is about 11 hours at the front and about 86 hours at the rear. The front has a maximum of 300 lumens, ensuring sufficient practicality.
※See comparison table for detailed specifications


③ USB rechargeable, which is rare for vintage design lights

Of course, most vintage lights decades ago are battery operated, but what about the lights you are using now? Probably a lot of USB rechargeable lights. This vintage light is also familiar to everyone and is easy to use. 



Other features
  • A feeling of size that is not too big and not too small
  • Made of brass with the luxurious KiLEY logo
  • Comes with a butterfly nut that makes it easy to remove the light body


Comment from the person in charge of the manufacturer

「This vintage light was designed with the image of a retro bicycle light that is rarely seen nowadays.
The assembly process of each part is all manual work by craftsmen. This time, there were two particularly difficult points.
The first is the stainless steel frame that surrounds the light body. You need to manually bend the stainless steel frame 12 times to get this structure.」

「The other point is the front ring. The contact point between the main body and the ring must be adjusted by a craftsman to prevent water from entering the inside.
Due to these circumstances, the number of vintage lights produced is limited. I would like you to take this opportunity to get it and combine it with your car.」


KiLEY rear light comparison

The manual is Here


Q & A

Q. What kind of bicycle does it match?
A. It matches various bicycles depending on the customer's idea. Of course, since it is a vintage light, there is no doubt that it will be compatible with vintage bicycles such as landners and sportifs and cross bike mini velo such as chromoly frames. Also, overseas, BROMPTON users Of course, you can enjoy Neo Classic Custom with a modern frame.

Q. Please tell me the accessories。
A. Two types of stays are included for the front。

For front:Light body mounting stay BR-01BROMPTONPTONStay BR-011)、Butterfly nut

For rear:Light body mounting stay BR-0101)、Butterfly nut

Q. Is it completely waterproof?
A.Unfortunately, it is not completely waterproof. It is designed to be equivalent to IPX2. The USB port is completely covered with the front ring, but make sure that it is tight when installing to prevent rainwater from entering.

Q. Can I use it with BROMPTON?
A. The front is available. The rear is not recommended because it comes in contact with the ground when folded. Also, the front comes with two types of stays, a standard stay and a BROMPTON stay. Only one standard stay is attached to the rear. It is attached

Q. Will it interfere with the front bag of BROMPTON?
A. Yes, the light and the bag will not interfere if you use the attached special stay for the front. Please refer to the photo. If you install the front light, no additional purchase is required.


Q. Can it be attached to a road bike?
A.It can be mounted on the caliper brake using the attached stay.

Q. Is it possible to install an exploration light style?
A.Unfortunately, there are no exploration light-style mounting accessories at this time, but we are considering developing dedicated accessories for the future.

Q. Is there a yellow light pattern?
A.Unfortunately, only LED white lights are available.

Q. Do I need to remove the light body from the stay when charging?
A.Unfortunately, with the current specifications, it is necessary to remove the light body, but the attached butterfly nut can be attached and detached without tools.

Q. How long is the warranty period?
A.The warranty period is 6 months after purchase. Replacement is possible for malfunctions. Customers who wish to have warranty support can contact us at any time from the inquiry form on the official website or the official LINE. Due to the customer's own negligence. Please note that the warranty does not cover failures caused by damage or flooding.

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