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SS-01 Center Folk Stay (New Stay)

SS-01 Center Folk Stay (New Stay)

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  • Updated from the conventional standard stay (BR-01). The improvements are as follows.

    ①Ingrade 4.5mm (BR-01 is 3mm)
    ② Chamfer the end of the stay
    ③ Improvement of durability by setting the credit point to two places
    ④ Uses stainless steel with higher strength

  • It can be used with shell light (LM-001), eye light (LM-016), vintage light (V2), Barrettlight (LM-018), etc.
  • It can be fixed by sandwiching it in the brake.
  • It is the same stay as the stay attached to the shell light (LM-001). 
  • Includes bolts, nuts, and giza washer.

* Prices are different between silver and black.

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