Optional parts for Ilite and saddle mounting have been sold


KILEY Official Shop.


Make the eye light can be attached under the saddle,

Optional parts are now on sale.


It is such a mounting image.



The contents are as shown in the picture.





The installation is 3 steps.

1. Dedicated clip is attached to the saddle frame



* The saddle is turned over to make it easier to explain.

At this time, turn the flat surface of the clip inside.


2. Pass bolts, nuts, eye light mounts and nuts



From the end, bolts, clip 1, spacer 1, mount, spacer 2, clip 2, nuts are in the order.


3. Adjust and fix the angle of the mount while tightening the nut. Attach the light body and complete!



It is mainly used in the rear light (LM-017).



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With the commemoration of the start of sales of this accessory,

For those who purchase the rear light, we will carry out a simultaneous purchase campaign!




Applicable product: LM-017 (Silver, Black, Pale Gold)

Contents: Customers who purchase the product can purchase this accessory at about 40%off.

General selling price ¥ 380 → After the campaign is applied ¥ 230

After adding to the cart, the discount is automatically applied when payment




Please also check the pale gold that was launched the other day.




Thank you in advance for KILEY.