【Apology】 LM-016, LM-016QR specification



KILEY Official Shop.


This time there is something that you have to apologize to everyone.


Currently, it was discovered that the package specification is incorrect for the selling ilite (LM-016, LM-016QR).


I was very sorry.

The exact spec is as follows.



A portion that is a deficit is different from the notation described in the package.


December 2020 We have changed the specification of the light body as described above than the lot of sales start. On the other hand, package notation has been previously before.



The maximum lumen number changes to 150 lumens → 300 lumens, as it was sold before December 2020, and the available time is shortened.


Therefore, in the evening of the night light, it is recommended to drop the amount of light or blinking if you are using the maximum light quantity for a long time.


For products selling after March 20, 2020, the notation described in the package has been fixed.


※ For selling products in Amazon.co.jp, even after this period, the pre-corrected package and fixed packages may be confused. Please note.


According to this case, we will respond free of charge and refund for irons (LM-016, LM-016QR) sold after December 2020.


If you wish, we will report to the Company, and will be refunded if it is returned to the address below.


Geek Trade Inc.
Tokyo Shinjuku Ward Yotsuya 3-12
Waim Business Plaza Yotsuya 5f
Tel: 050-5362-2748


We apologize for this time that everyone has caused trouble.
In the future, we will strive to prevent recurrence with the manufacturer and agents.


Continue to thank KILEY.