The official LINE was made!



KILEY Official Shop.


As of the title, we opened the LINE official account of KILEY (Keyley)!

The official LINE can receive new product information of KILEY, inventory status, limited information, etc. And you can contact us freely by registering in LINE.


Perhaps even if you are a little worried about how to use the product, combination, inventory information, it's not good to contact us from the inquiry form, but it's not good if you're troubled. Is it?


If it is LINE, you can feel free to messages with a sense of message to your friends.

Of course, we accept inquiries for returns and guarantees, so please register if you would like to warranty after purchase.



※ Notification off, block can be done at any time.


Also, please come to play other SNS if it is good.










Then, thank you for KILEY.