About battery replacement method of shell light

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In this article, we will explain how to replace the battery lights with many questions.

It is this product that applies

KILEY (Key Rei) "Billery Light" front of LED LM-001




Then I will introduce you soon

~ Battery replacement procedure ~

1. Press two plastics two places simultaneously


2. Pull by pressing the claw part
At this time, if you get out of it, you will be able to get off if you pull it while torsion.



Now I was able to remove the cover part


3. Replace the battery
Remove the black cover and replace 4 AA batteries.




Please be careful about positive and negative battery orientation

If you have a spring, it is negative of the battery.





Caution here
Can't you abandon this black cover?




This black cover is unique, when leaked inside the light,

It is a cover to protect the base of the light and the battery.

Please install without any time


4. Cover the light body
Conversely, the light body is covered with the procedure of 1 to 2.


When the cover is attached, the battery replacement claw is

Be sure to check if it is not gap.

I feel like it is firmly

This is a bad example.
There is a gap, so it will cause rain to get in



This is the correct example
Do you know that there is no gap as compared to the image above?

If you try it once, I think it can be smoothly after the second time.

If you have any questions, ask questions from the inquiry page,
Please contact your dealer.

Thank you in advance for KILEY.