We have started handling short stays for eye light!

A short stay for eye light will be released.

Eyelite can be attached to various parts, but it was a little too long when installing a straight stay. (It may not be that frequent case ...)

So I prepared a short stay.

It is a more minimal impression because it is shortened.

Also, I thought it was, and I tried it at BROMPTON!

Then, I could use it perfectly in my Brompton!

Depending on the direction of the stay, the clearance with the ground was about 15mm, so I think it can be used in many cases.

* The easy wheel of the image is 60mm in diameter.

Of course, you can use it for the front.

Case without dowel holes for eye light,
The case where the bottom of the saddle is buried in a saddle bag,
You can use it in cases where you want to fix the light to the center!

Comes with a normal bolt and nut.

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