Notice of price revision & free shipping conditions change

1, Notice of price revision

I'm very sorry,6/1fromWe will revise the price of some products.

The target products are as follows. (Current price → tax included price after revision)


● SB-01 Saddle under accessories
380 yen →495 yen

● BR-01 Center folk stee
420 yen →528 yen


● BR-03 Stay for BROMPTON
420 yen →550 yen
* Earl washer for Brompton will be added from 6/1.



2, Free Shipping Notice of Change of Conditions (Limited to Japan)

6/1The free shipping conditions will be changed as follows.


Current: Free shipping on orders over 1,000 yen


6/1~:Free shipping on orders over 1,500 yen


The postage generated by an order of less than 1,500 yen is 330 yen/case, and there is no change.


In addition, shipping outside Japan will not be applied for free shipping as before, and a separate shipping fee will be charged.


Thank you for your understanding.