Vintage Light V2 Price Revision

The vintage light V2 will be revised as follows from the next incoming arrival.


Old Price → New Price

● Front: 9,840 yen →11,000Yen (tax included)

-Rear: 8,980 yen →9,900Yen (tax included)

There are various factors of revision, but raw material prices are the main factors.

I think that I will accept somehow.

In addition, it is the latest schedule, but it is expected to arrive from the end of March to early April. In addition, this arrival is only for the front of the vintage light.

Along with that, pre-booking has also been started.
You can make a reservation in the flow of purchasing as usual from the Vintage Light product page. It is shipment depending on the arrival.

If you want to obtain at the fastest, please use it.

If you purchase multiple products, it will be shipped from all stocks.

On the other hand, pre-reservation of the new product's Barrett light (USB rechargeable shell light) is scheduled after April.

Please refer to this too.


Please feel free to ask questions if there is something else

I am sorry to be waiting for a long time, but I would appreciate your favor.