We started handling new color pail gold [2021 limited]


KILEY Official Shop.



Thanks to everyone, it has been well received by everyone

A new color appeared in Eyelite!


This color is this color




It is Pale Gold!



It is a strong image of a flashy and inscribed, but

Even if the leading role is a bike, only light, it is troubled if it is too much



So, but the claim is not strong, but

A little gorgeous gold color has been prepared.


Pale means pale in English.

If you try to translate it, pale golden.


Is it easy to understand if you sort it with other colors?



Although the claim is not strong enough, how is the person who wants to put out individuality?



Also, this color is available for quantity.

The next production is also undecided, so it may be a color of vision


Unfortunately, no type type type type type type is done,

Only the type attached with the dowel hole.


You can check here


· LM-016 Pail gold for front desk


· LM-017 Rear Pale Gold




In addition, please feel free to contact inventory.


Thank you in advance for KILEY.