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LM-019 "Coin Reflector"

LM-019 "Coin Reflector"

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  • Development background

At present, the reflector's gradually has decreased, and we think many people use rechargeable lights. In fact, the products we sell also have many USB rechargeable lights. On the other hand, while listening to various users,

・ Charging itself is troublesome...
・ I'm worried that the charging runs out...
・ Switching of ON/OFF while riding is troublesome...

We also felt that the voice was still strong.

However, there are not so many types of reflectors that can be used as custom parts, and it may be better to have more variations.

That's why we developed this Coin Refrector for these ideas.

  • Recommended for

・ It is troublesome to charge the light every time...
・ I am always worried about the battery run out...
・ ON/OFF while riding is troublesome...
・ I don't want to use plastic reflectors that look cheap...
・ Who wants to dress up their bike with high -quality parts
・ Who wants to maximize the charm of chromoly frames
・Those who are already using KiLEY eye lights

  • Product Features

① CNC-machined aluminum body
Many of the reflectors distributed are made of plastic. The reasonable point is good, but depending on the bicycle you attach, it will impair the image or lose a sense of unity. Because it is a metal sharpened body, it does not break the custom image of your bicycle.

② High versatility mounting method
The same mount as the eye light (LM-016/017) is used for the mounting system. Dowel holes and existing optional parts (SB-01BR-02) It can be attached to various places in combination. If you already have an eye light, you can replace it with an eye light.

③ Compact body, but it has a presence on the road at night
Very lightweight and compact with a weight of 12g. On the other hand, the reflector lens section is designed based on the international standard ISO standard. It shows existence even on night roads.

From the rear 100m (On the night road without street lights photograph)

Image (from 100m at night)

* JIS and ISO authentication have not been obtained.

  • Mounting image


tokyobike + BR-02

tokyobike + Fender



  • Product Summary

* It is compatible with the Mount of LM-016/LM-017.

  • Q & A

Q. Is it light up?
A. This product is a reflector, so there is no lighting or blinking function.

Q. Where can I install it?
A. If there is a dowel hole, it can be easily installed anywhere.
Sold separately SB-01 Using the saddle under the saddle, BR-02 It is also recommended to attach it on the rear brake using.

Q. Mount is eye light(LM-016/017)Is it compatible with?
A. Yes. Therefore, it is possible to replace it with a coin frector if the eye light is running out.

Q. Is it possible to attach it to Brompton?
Yes, the mount is compatible with the eye light (LM-016/017), so it can be attached to the rear end or using optional parts to attach it under the saddle or on the rear brake.

Q. Is it obtained JIS certification?
A. Unfortunately, we have not acquired JIS certification, but is designed to be based on ISO, an international standard.

Q. Is it possible to attach it to the fender?
A. Yes, it can be installed depending on the device. Please refer to the mounting example.

Q. Will it be rust?
A. The material is hard to rust because it is an aluminum alloy, but it does not rust at all. It will last a long time if you can lightly wipe off the moisture on the body of the body after the use of rain, do not make it rain outdoors.

Q. How weight is it?
A. 12g including mount.

Q. I don't know the size.
A. It is a size close to an eye light. LM-019: LM-017: LM-016 from the left.

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