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KiLEY cowhide leather bag LM-559

KiLEY cowhide leather bag LM-559

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Product Features

1,Excellent compatibility with vintage bikes to chromoly road bikes and mini-velos
The texture of genuine cowhide, not faux leather, matches well with vintage and classic styles, as well as other KiLEY items. Of course, it also matches well with BROOKS saddles.

2,Italian cowhide leather is used

The material used is Italian cowhide leather. Cowhide is a female cow that is at least two years old. It is softer than steerhide leather from bulls and more durable than the finest calfskin.

It also ages well, changing in color and texture as it is used.

3,Good size with a capacity of 1.05L.
There are a wide variety of accessories needed when touring, such as locks, puncture repair kits, portable tools, and a bicycle carry bag. The bag is neither too large nor too small, but is just the right size to hold these small items.

The bicycle carry bag of a BROMPTON fits perfectly.

ABUS blade locks can also be inserted. (BORDO LITE 6055K)

Image of use

Road bile



Product Summary

Designer's Comment

The design of LM-599 is based on the Y-shaped British men's suspenders, as shown in the image. When the LM-559 is attached to a bicycle saddle, it creates an elegant and classy suspender-like image.
Also, the special serial number of 559 was set because it consists of five manual processes (rolling, thickness, dyeing, sewing, and stitching), five different metal parts, and nine pieces of leather.


Q.Is it waterproof?

A.No, they are not waterproof because they are made of natural leather.

Q.Do I need to take care of it?

A.Yes, please wipe off any dirt or moisture with a dry cloth and dry in the shade away from direct sunlight.

Q.Do I need to apply leather oil?

A. We use Italian leather as a material, which already contains sufficient oil and is suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, there is basically no need to apply leather oil. Of course, applying oil is not a problem, but please note that it may cause discoloration.

Q. Can it be used as a handlebar bag?

A.Yes, it can.

Q.Are they only available in brown color?

A.Yes, there used to be a black lineup, but as of 2024, only honey brown will be available.

Q.Will DORIC fit in my bag?

A.Unfortunately, the DORIC bottle cannot fit in the bag because its total length is 225mm.

Q.Can it be used together with SB-01?

A. Unfortunately, it cannot be used together.

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