We started selling Front Stay BR-03 for Brompton!

To Brompton users

Thank you very much for waiting

More than a request for Brompton who had many requests
We started selling Front Lightstay.



· BROMPTON for center fork stay front BR-03




Because reach is longer curved than the previous front light stay,
Even when installing the front bag, the light does not interfere.
Of course, it does not interfere with other parts when collapsing brompton.


※ Reference (normal front light stay)



Also, with the start of sales, you will be promoted.
Below, customers with the corresponding front light and simultaneous purchase
The target is at the cash register50% OFFIt becomes.

(Discount automatically applied on the settlement screen)



"Simultaneous purchase discount Campaign compatible product"
· LED LM-001 for shell light front

· "Billery light" front LED LM-003 (non-steel)

· LED LM-016 for Irai Light Front


Not only the shell lights, but also for front desk I use it.

Billery light LM-001 (¥ 4,880)
Buy Brompton Dedicated Stay (¥ 420)

A total of ¥ 5,090 (shipping fee, tax included) in the campaign application


※ Mounted image






Thank you for KILEY from now on



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